Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sorry and update

Hi guys,

Sorry for being so quiet over the past few weeks but I am extremely busy with the start of uni coming up next week and hopefully moving house in the next week also, I have applied for a property on 1 acre of grass and will find out whether or not i get it today!!!! Fingers crossed because it would be an awesome place to set up some agility equipment.
The canberra royal is this weekend and both the boys are entered so again fingers crossed there, I think Nossi will be a little slow as he usually doesn't enjoy the heat, but we'll see, hopefully I also remember to get some video.
I took the dogs for a walk in the bush in bringelly last week and they came home very very itchy, I figured it was grass ticks and treated them accordingly but not luck, after a trip to the vet yesterday it turns out they have mange, most likely transferred from wombats. Poor babies, they are on lots of medication now and should be good by this weekend.
I will keep you updated.

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