Monday, February 8, 2010

Dusk to Dawn Trial

Hi Guys,
I know I promised videos but it was raining so heavily throughout the whole thing I didn't get a chance!
It was a great night of trialling and I had a lot of fun seeing everyone again. Here are the results from my runs...

Masters Gamblers - clear round, 36 points, FIRST PLACE!
RQH - DQ (took a wrong obstacle)
open jumping - were doing so well but took the wrong entry into the tunnel -DQ
open agility - again doing great and then during the last 4 obstacles (the distance) I goot lazy and dropped my arm so he came out of the distance - 1 fault
masters jumping - my foot got stuck in the mud (by this time the whole course was a giant puddle) and pepe pulled back into me over the wrong jump because I wasn't moving - DQ
Masters agility - very nice run, I got lazy and didn't call early enough so he took a wrong obstacle - DQ


Novice gamblers - going very nicely untill he saw the judge (who suddenly moved into his line of vision) and was very intrigued and went to say hi - time faults

Novice Jumping CLEAR ROUND AND FIRST PLACE!!! such a nice run, very flowy and smooth and he seemed very confident :) so proud of my baby

All in all a great night!


  1. sounds like you had a great time, well done on getting out there! Sucks about the rain though. But I guess there is always next time.

  2. Congrats on the great day, mud and all. My older girl Bella loved visiting the judge/steward/her audience when she started out too :-)- brings back some great memories. I got to speak to a few people I might not have met otherwise though LOL